Fresh Garden Salads

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"Fresh Garden Salads"
* Served with fresh roll & butter and your choice of dressings:
 Caesar, Italian, French, Ranch, Greek, Raspberry Vinaigrette, 
1000 Island, Lite Italian, Vinegar & Oil, and Honey Mustard.

* Onions by request
* Bleau Cheese

( * Denotes House Specialty* )

* Greek *
Fresh lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, feta cheese, beets, pepperoncini and olives.
* Baby Greek *
(smaller size serving)
*Add grilled chicken on any Greek *
Chicken Caesar
 Grilled chicken breast on a bed of romaine lettuce with croutons and parmesan cheese.
Michigan Cherry
Dried cherries, walnuts, bleu cheese, topped with warm grilled chicken breast and served with raspberry vinaigrette dressing.
Central Park
Feta cheese, salami, olives, cucumbers, tomatoes, hard boiled egg.
Ham, turkey, swiss & american cheese,
cucumbers, tomatoes and hard boiled egg.
Grilled Chicken Breast
Fresh lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, cheese and hard boiled egg.

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